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Printed Paper Sample Pack (7 cards) US$7 + shipping

You'll receive in the mail eight printed cards, measuring 5x7" (standard invitation size).


Included papers:


1. Linen

2. Pearl

3. 100% Recycled

4. Felt 

5. Cotton

6. Double thick paper

7. Smooth paper with Gold foil



To see the available papers we have to offer and a selection of our most popular wedding invitations (as shown below). 


As shown on the listing, no substitutions, sorry.
Card designs included are subject to change without prior notice due to availability.
Samples are generic and cannot be customized.


Different paper stocks produce different tones from exactly the same color of ink: the grade, grain surface, thickness and color of paper used will affect the color of the ink.

Example: you purchased the sample pack and decided to order the Amalfi sample printed on 100% Recycled paper. The sample is printed on Art paper. You will see a slight difference in color between the two cards although we used the same ink color.

Printed Paper Sample Pack

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