What are your processign times?

Ideally we recommend placing an order at least three months before you intend to send invitations or need the stationery for your wedding day. For destination wedding, please allow more time.


After receiving your order and complete wording/instructions, you'll receive your first digital proof in 2-5 business days, after proof approval and your payment for any extras (additional envelopes, liners, express shipping,...) we print in 3-10 business day and ship your cards. 


RUSH ORDERS are available. More info here.

Any dates quoted for delivery of orders are approximate only. A la Carte Paperie is not liable for orders received late and any possible delay in delivery of your order.

Are your cards customizable with different colors?

All our cards are printed on white cardstock. The background colors you see on our designs are actually printed directly onto the white stock as part of the overall design. This allows you to customize all the colors used in your design, without relying on limited the color options of colored paper stock.

Therefore, we do not have a color chart, as any color is available to you, at no additional charge for the

1. background (some textures background will have limited color variations)

2. fonts

Graphic colors

Color changes for illustrations (florals, landscapes, landmarks, complex maps) are NOT included.


Do you need a specific color?

Please send a snapshot, even better if you have an inspiration board, and we would be happy to have a color


{When making a design we have to make sure that the colors were chosen not only to compliment each other but the card is readable. Therefore color variations are limited and at our discretion inside your color palette.}



Please note that only one set of color change is included.

If you have more than one color combination in mind and not sure which one to choose, or if you want to change the colors after a first proof is sent, we can make a new color variation as per your instructions for an additional $50 per color combination.

Also, we need specific instructions on how to use the colors: which color is used for the background (this will be the dominant color) and which color/s is/are used for accents.

(We do not recommend using more than 2-3 colors, plus white and black).


Different paper stocks produce different tones from exactly the same color of ink: the grade, grain surface, thickness and color of paper used will affect the color of the ink.


Example: you purchased the sample pack and decided to order the Amalfi invitation on our Linen paper.  The sample is printed on Art paper. You will see a slight difference in color between the two cards although we used the same ink color.


Also, all computer monitors display color differently and there is no guarantee for precise color matching.

Also, each paper type will reflect the same color differently. 

Do you print metallic gold and silver colors?


Custom foil (gold, silver, copper, and colored ones) can be added to your cards for $1.00/ card. 

This is for a 2"x3" area of foil.

Additional foil area can be added for $0.75 per inch (1"x1") / card

There is also a setup fee of $40 per foil design



Great way to get a real foil look at an affordable price!

These faux-gold textures are digitally printed and are not real metallic foils. 

Fee for faux gold is $50/project.

We recommend our Pearl paper for this option as this paper has natural pearlescent pigments that would accentuate better the gold effect.

Can I change the wording on a design?

Browse our invitation wording guide here.


For the Front page of the cards (see Back page info further down the page):

We can customize the wording of your card(s) the way you want it by keeping the same amount of rows that the template, plus 1-5 extra lines are complimentary.


Please enter your unique wording in the "YOUR DESIGN, WORDING & CUSTOM REQUESTS" section of the Order Form.

When submitting a request please ensure that the wording be exactly how you want it to appear on your design starting from top to bottom.


Please do NOT use UPPERCASE throughout the text, rather use capitalization only when grammatically correct (pronoun, proper nouns, etc.).


We will do our best to accommodate your wording choice. Please keep in mind that adding significantly more text is not recommended to preserve the legibility of your text and the integrity of the design. 

The digital proofs are there for you to see the result and ultimately decide if the cards are legible enough. 


We can make small edits to the placement of design elements for free so that your wording fits well with the layout of your design.


These free additions can be: adding your parents' names, adding 3-4 meal options on the RSVP cards, adding your wedding website to your invitations and/or RSVP card.

Do you print individually personalized cards?

Sorry, we don't.

We had many requests from International customers to leave some blank space on their wedding invitations so that they can hand write their guest names.

No problem, we can do that.

Can I use the wording from one design for a different design?

You’re free to mix and match wording from our examples, just be sure to include whatever wording you decide on in the "YOUR DESIGN, WORDING & CUSTOM REQUESTS' section of the Order Form. Please consider the original layout of the design when selecting another wording as it might not fit aesthetically.


We allow our customers to use any design for any occasion (graduation, anniversary, birthday...). Please include your new wording on the order form.

Do you offer bilingual or non-English option?

Any of our invitation designs can be customized using any language.

We do NOT provide translating services. 

Please provide all text (English and foreign language) with your order.


Add US$25 design fee for languages with Latin alphabet (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, all Slavic - non-Cyrillic, all Germanic, Hungarian, etc.). 


Add US$50 design fee for languages using a non-Latin alphabet: Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Georgian, Brahmic, different Asians (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.), Abjads and Abugidas (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew), etc.


Languages using characters other than the Roman alphabet will have limited fonts available. 

What if I want to cancel an order?

Every order from us is fully backed by our outstanding reputation and promise of 100% satisfaction.

If you have concerns or issues with personalized products, please contact us for assistance.


- Pre-designed templates: if you decide to cancel your order after receiving your first proof (but before printing) we can refund you the full amount minus a $500 design and processing fee. But after you’ve approved your final proofs we cannot offer a refund, as your cards will already be in process.

* Rush orders cannot be refunded as we start the process immediately!


- Custom design fees and services: due to the custom nature of these projects, we are not able to offer refunds, exchanges, nor returns on them. All sales are considered final.

Are personalized weddig invitations are eligible for returns?

Upon final approval of your personalized order, we cannot accept returns due to any errors (such as misspelled words or incorrect information, etc.). By approving your final proofs, you accept responsibility for the information and layout as shown. If errors are discovered after proof approval and you wish to reprint, we are required to charge you for services rendered.

Do you do custom work?

Yes, we do! We love creating new invitations and accept custom design projects with great excitement! We can create a new design from scratch that reflects your style and personality based on your ideas or sketches! Please see the related information here.

Can you show me how my card will look before I order? Do you offer an automated preview of my wording as I am placing my order?

We believe typesetting is a skill best left to a graphic designer. We put a lot of thought into how we typeset each order. We will work closely with you to be sure everything is designed the way you want. We only input your text and colors after the order is placed, because that's where the work comes in. Every card we create is individually created by a professional designer to make sure that everything looks its best. All artwork/design is the property of A la Carte Paperie, and cannot be reproduced in any way (i.e. using on tote bags, or other gift items, etc.) without written consent from A la Carte Paperie.

Will I get to see a proof before my order is printed?

For the Pre-designed Collection, you’ll receive one initial digital proof, then you have two free revision rounds to get everything exactly the way you want it.


After that, we have to charge a fee of $40 for each additional revision.


Please note that only one set of color combination is included. If you have more than one color combinations in mind and not sure which one to choose, or if you want to change the colors after a first proof is sent, we can make a new color variation following your instruction/samples for an additional $50 per color combination.

How many invitations should I order?

It’s recommended to add 15-20% extra for last-minute guest list additions and keepsakes before placing your order. Keep in mind it is always better to have a few extras than not enough. Printing a second run of wedding invitations is expensive and our minimum on re-orders is 25 sets!

The volume discount will not be provided based on the total number of cards you already ordered. The additional price charged will be the true cost of the additional cards.

Do you proofread my order?

No. We do not proofread orders.

You, the client is responsible for...

  • Supplying text that is without mistakes.

  • Ensuring that any supplied images do not conflict with copyright laws.

  • Checking proofs for text errors or incorrect images.

  • Order invitations in time: give yourself plenty of time to order wedding invitations. You should order invitations 3-4 months before the wedding. You will want to have them assembled and addressed in time to send them 6-8 weeks before the wedding (even more for a destination wedding). A la Carte would not take responsibility for late orders.


While A la Carte Paperie takes all care to avoid errors, we accept no responsibility for typographical errors, spelling mistakes, or incorrect information on any project committed to print or production. You, The Client to proofread and approve all final copy before the production of artwork. 

It is recommended that you have a couple of people read through and check your proofs for spelling and grammatical content. Examine proofs several times over. Make sure you have not omitted anything and also look for odd line breaks, symbol replacements that might be due to computer errors or font glitches.


If we happen to catch an error or typo, we will bring it to your attention, however, the burden of proofing lies 100% with our clients. Only you know best your own wording. It is important to show your proofs to several sets of eyes. The time to do this is during the proofing process, NOT after you receive your invitation order and it has been printed. All approved proofs are FINAL and any reprints due to errors will be at the cost of the client.

Can I get the digital file of my design and have it printed elsewhere?

We work with the best US printing company that has a reputation for high-quality workmanship.  During the printing stage, we work closely with them, overseeing the process and making sure the final product is true to the color and detail of our original artwork.  It is a complex process that requires the oversight of skilled and detail-oriented artists.  For this reason, we do not offer to take our designs elsewhere to be printed as we cannot guarantee the quality of the finished product.   


For custom projects and for clients outside the USA and Canada, we offer digital versions for an additional non-printing fee for $125 per card (ie. save the date order $125; invitation + RSVP order $250, invitation, RSVP and info card order $375).

Can I use or purchase an image /graphic element alone? If I purchase my invitations will I own the artwork?

We are not selling any image/graphic separately from our stationery because there is always the possibility that someone could use it for their own design, and then resell it.


Also, we are not selling or giving away the digital files (entire stationery template or part of it) created for you. We offer a large range of printed products (tote bags, stamps, stickers, posters, pillows, and more - please inquire) where we can use the graphics we created for you. 

All digital images used during the proofing process are sole property and copyright of A la Carte Paperie and cannot be used for personal logo design or reproduction outside of A la Carte Paperie

All artwork (custom and template) are the property of A la Carte Paperie, and cannot be reproduced in any way without written consent from the artists at A la Carte Paperie.

Can you tell me how much postage each invitation will require?

Every post office judges the postage price differently. One post office might say 45 cents is sufficient, while another says 65 or even 85 cents. It’s best to wait until you receive your order and take a complete set to your local post office to be accurately weighed to ensure your guests receive their invitations.

How long does the process take?


Pre-designed Collection: after receiving your order, you'll receive your first digital proof in 2-5 business days, after proof approval and your payment for the printing fees, we print in 2-10 business day and ship your cards. 

Usually, the whole process takes 4-15 business days (+shipping) depending on how quickly you get back to us on the proof and how many changes you need.

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Please also visit this page for CUSTOM ORDERS.



This is defined as any work involving additions to the list of items defined in the Order From or changes to all pieces of finished artwork after proof approval.

Should additional design not initially quoted for being requested during the design process, a progress payment will be payable prior to further work being carried out. Otherwise, all additional costs will be added to the final invoice, payable prior printing process.


Add US$50 per font change round.

Please see our Font selection here.

While we have a substantial library of fonts, if you have a specific one in mind, it may need to be purchased for the design. All font purchases are billed to the client in addition to regular design fees.

(To protect our exclusive designs from unauthorized reproduction font names will not be given out.)

The designs in our gallery feature different fonts that were expertly paired with that particular design. 

We recommend keeping the same fonts as shown in the invitation sets, as changing the fonts will to change the tone of the invitation. 


Cards are printed with matching backing as shown on the pre-designed template.


- Additional US$50

Switch one backing inside a set (i.e.: using the RSVP back panel illustration or the information cards map on your invitation back panel)


- Additional US$80

* Bilingual invitations where we use the backing for the second language

* Adding Accommodation/ Direction info on the back of your Invitation.



Additional - US$50

Please note that the vintage maps on of some of our Invitations/Save the Date cards will be replaced with your venue vintage map, only if there is an available free map. If there is no available free map, you can purchase one online, or we can use an alternate backing.

Some locations will not be available as we use actual vintage maps and postcards to decorate these cards. 




Additional - US$20 - $100 / map

We can create silhouette maps for pre-designed templates with a map to reflect your venue location.




Custom Wedding Venue Map Design matching your invitation style.

This map is made custom order specific to your venue.

US$350 and up, one-time customization fee for a map.

Three illustrated landmarks are included, additional landmark illustrations are extra as per work involved.

Other customizations


Add US$40

Change the layout of the cards from flat to a folded card.

Change orientation from horizontal to vertical  or vice-versa.


Select one pre-designed template from our store

We can replace the landmark illustration(s) shown on the template with your venue/landmark illustration for a US$250 design fee/illustration.


Printed invitation and sets pricing is the same as for our Pre-designed Collection.

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