Frequently asked questions

What are your processign times?

After receiving your order and complete wording/instructions, you'll receive your first digital proof in 2-5 business days. After proof approval, we print in 3 -10 business day and ship your cards. Usually, the whole process takes 5-15 business days (+shipping) depending on how quick you get back to us on the proof and how many changes you need. We also offer a RUSH processing/printing/shipping option. More information here.

What is the currency that the items are in your shop?

The items are in USD.

Are your invitations available to ship anywhere in the world?

Yes, they are, as long as postal services would ship to them.

Who owns the designs once produced?

A la Carte Paperie and designer Sylvia Fonalka retain rights to the designs that they create. If you would like to get exclusive rights to the designs, please inform us and we will provide you with an appropriate quote. We also retain the rights to post your invitations and wedding paper on social media. If there is an issue with posting your invitations and wedding paper on social media, please let us know beforehand.

I want to get completely customized invitations. Is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. We love creating new invitations and accept custom design projects with great excitement! We can create a new design from scratch that reflects your style and personality based on your ideas or sketches! More information here. Please send us a message via the Contact Form with as much detail as possible so that we can correspond about them. Custom invitations can take a bit longer than Pre-designed or Semi-Custom Invitations, and can cost at least 40-100% more, depending on the materials.

What is your return/exchange/cancellation policy?

For custom printed items and any digital products, due to the nature of these products, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.

When you order and we send you a customized proof, there is no refund given for any reason.

Please make sure that you have carefully checked your proofs for spelling errors, typos, etc. We copy and paste your text from your email/ order form you sent to us. A la Carte Paperie is not responsible for errors noticed after final proof approval.

PLEASE NOTE: All computer monitors display color differently and there is no guarantee for precise color matching.

Proofs are digital files and not actual photographs of your final product, therefore a slight difference is expected due to the fact that a the final product is an item printed on paper stock.

Different paper stocks produce different tones from exactly the same color of ink: the grade, grain surface, thickness and color of paper used will affect the color of the ink.
No refund is issued or reprint is offered if the colors are different on the printed card than the digital proof you saw on your screen OR if the printed cards are different from the sample you purchased and we used a different paper stock.

Please note that we cannot be responsible for damage to items by the Post Office or their agents.

For digital files, please create a backup of your file, we do not do file forwarding.

What customization covers?

For the Pre-designed tempaltes: - wording customization (English included, foreign language extra) - one round of color change for background, fonts and simple graphics - 3 emailed digital proofs Illustrative changes - in form and color - are NOT included Font changes : $50 / round For Semi-Custom Projects: Same as above + replacing the landmark illustration(s) shown on the template with your venue/landmark illustration for a US$250 design fee/illustration. Custom illustrated maps: US$350 and up. and/or Mix-and-match 2-3 sets: select 2-3 pre-designed template from our store and use elements of each to create a new design for a US$250 design fee Printed invitation and sets pricing is the same as for our Pre-designed Collection. For Custom Projects with options to tailor your wedding stationery to the nines. When you choose to go with a custom suite, you are given the freedom to create something that reflects your own style. Save the date custom design fee: US$350 Invitation Set custom design fee: US$750 Maximum 3 types of cards/set and 2 illustrations, including one set of custom florals. Illustrated custom maps US$350 and up. Printing fees as additional as per schedule HERE. (Higher than the pre-designed sets.) We highly suggest our Pre-designed or Semi-custom Collections for budgets below this amount.

Do you print metallic gold and silver colors?

Yes we do, foil stampingis available on all our design packages. This would not allow double sided foiling but we can add foil to one side of the cards. Available on 5x7" size cards only. ADDITIONAL fee for foil is $1.50 /card + a setup fee of $40 per foil design/ card type Minimum order 50 cards.

Can I change the wording on a design?

Our cards are fully customizable with your unique wording. English language is included at no chanrge. Foreign language extra: Latin alphabet: $25 / set Non-latin alphabet: $50 / set We can design in most languages, but please contact us prior to ordering. Some fonts are not available in all languages which can affect the design. We are happy to add meal options to RSVP cards, your parent's names to invitations, and website addresses etc, at no additional charge.

Do you have a retail location?

A la Carte Paperie is an online stationery boutique. We do not have a public studio.

Do you offer samples? Can samples be customized?

Yes. Samples of each invitation design are available for purchase. We also offer a Printed Paper Sample Sets. Our samples are pre-printed with example wording in the colors shown and cannot be customized.

Are envelopes included?

Single white blank envelopes ARE included in the price of wedding invitations. They are NOT included with response (RSVP) cards, save the dates and other insert. You can however purchase them for an additional fee. Addressing options are an additional charge.

Can I order more invitations/ sets later?

More invitations can be ordered at a later date, but it is substantially more expensive than ordering extras up front. This is because each print run incurs certain setup costs and preparation time, despite the quantity ordered. If you need to re-order cards after your design is approved and printed, the minimum re-order is 25 for each type (invite, RSVP, insert...) and the volume discount will not be provided based on the total number of cards you already ordered. The additional price charged will be the true cost of the additional cards. It’s recommended to add 15-20% extra for last-minute guest list additions and keepsakes before placing your order.

Is backside printing is included?

All our cards / templates are offered printed on both sides at no additional cost. Single-side printign is offered at the same cost.

What's included in the proofing process?

The proofing process includes three rounds of proofs; the first round is based off of the wording and colors submitted in your order and the remaining two rounds are for revisions. Wording changes, colors changes, and minor layout adjustments can be made during the revision rounds. You will work one-on-one with a designer. Change requests beyond the two complimentary revision rounds are invoiced at $40 per round. • You'll receive your first digital proof in 1-5 business days after payment and all wording, instruction, and photo(s) (if applicable) received. • All proofing is done via digital files sent to your email address. Please note that texture is not showing on the digital proofs and as the proofs are not actual photographs of your final product, therefore a slight difference is expected due to the paper stock. You, the client is responsible for... • Supplying text that is without mistakes. • Ensuring that any supplied images do not conflict with copyright laws. • Checking proofs for text errors or incorrect images. • Order invitations in time: give yourself plenty of time to order wedding invitations. You should order invitations 3-4 months before the wedding. You will want to have them assembled and addressed in time to send them 6-8 weeks before the wedding (even more for a destination wedding). A la Carte would not take responsibility for late orders.

Will I receive hard copy proofs?

No. Hard copy proofs are not available. Your order includes electronic proofs that will be emailed for your review. Electronic proofing is standard among stationers and is a cost effective and flexible way to review and make changes to your stationery before printing begins. If you would like to see our printing, paper and ink options in person, we highly recommend ordering a sample set.

Can I switch designs during proofing?

You may switch designs during the proofing process for the Pre-designd and Semi-custom options for a $100 design fee.

Can I use your designs for a non+wedding event?

Certainly! Just enter the wording you would like during the personalization step and we will update your proofs to match.

Will my stationery arrive assembled?

Wedding invitations and save the dates ship flat and require assembly. Liners also require assembly. Our liners come attached with a peel and seal adhesive strip for quick and easy assembly.

How much postage is required?

Our wedding invitation suites range from 1 to 2 ounces depending on how many pieces and the type of cardstock used. These weights are estimates and not guaranteed; we highly recommend taking an assembled invitation to the post office to be officially weighed before purchasing and applying postage. Please note, stationery on double thick stock will require additional postage. We highly recommend having all stationery hand-cancelled at the post office. When mailing stationery on double thick stock and/or tied with ribbon, non-machineable postage is required. These services have to be requested in person at the post office. Additional fees will apply for non-machineable postage.

Do you offer mailing services?

We do NOT offer mailing services. All of our stationery is shipped flat, ready for assembly and postage.

Can you make additional accessories to match my design?

If you need stationery that you don’t see available on our site, please contact us! We can produce just about anything to match our designs.

I found a typo on my stationery, what do I do?

Please note that we cannot accept returns or process refunds due to errors on approved proofs, regardless of where the error originated. While we do our best to call attention to any errors we may see during the proofing process, final proofing is ultimately the responsibility of the client. If your printed stationery does not match your approved proof, please contact us immediately and we will reprint the affected pieces free of charge.

How many invitations should I order?

It’s recommended to add 15-20% extra for last-minute guest list additions and keepsakes before placing your order. If you need to re-order cards after your design is approved and printed, the minimum re-order is 25 for each type (invite, RSVP, insert...) and the volume discount will not be provided based on the total number of cards you already ordered. The additional price charged will be the true cost of the additional cards.

How do I communicate with A la Carte Paperie?

Our designer/client communication is exclusively via email, with assists all parties to keep track of correspondence. We will not take design instructions or changes via telephone. All work requests must be in clear, concise writing, via email or via our order form. This means that the Client and A la Carte Paperie can look back over emails for clarification if needed. Client revisions should be, to avoid any confusion, in a single document or email (if possible), in a legible, easy to understand manner. Changes sent through in different emails in a disorganized or hard to understand manner will result in confusion on both sides and may add additional design fees.

Chargeable Services

Please also visit this page for CUSTOM ORDERS.



This is defined as any work involving additions to the list of items defined in the Order From or changes to all pieces of finished artwork after proof approval.

Should additional design not initially quoted for being requested during the design process, a progress payment will be payable prior to further work being carried out. Otherwise, all additional costs will be added to the final invoice, payable prior printing process.



The designs in our gallery feature different fonts that were expertly paired with that particular design.  We recommend keeping the same fonts as shown in the invitation sets, as changing the fonts will to change the tone of the invitation.  

Font changes are not included in the base customization fee and are available for an additional fee of US$50. 

Our FONT list is available here.

While we have a substantial library of fonts, if you have a specific one in mind, it may need to be purchased for the design. All font purchases are billed to the client in addition to regular design fees.



Please note that each card is printed with matching backing as shown online.

Switching the backing inside a set can be accommodated for an additional $50 design fee.

We specifically design the detailed city/country maps as an incentive to sell the info cards and /or  RVSP cards. Some people still prefer these maps on their set without purchasing the specific stationery they are designed for, so a one -time fee of $50 applies for such changes.



Adding a map to your stationery is available and we offer 3 options:

1. Simple silhouette map in water-colour: $50

2. Vintage map - as per availability - $50 for research and application 
3. Detailed illusrated custom map -  $350 and up. More information here.