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Printed Paper Sample Pack (8 cards) US$7 + shipping

You'll receive in the mail eight printed cards,

 measuring 5x7" (standard invitation size) to see the available papers we have to offer and a selection of our most popular wedding invitations (as shown below). 

Papers included:


1. Linen

2. Pearl

3. 100% Recycled

4. Felt

5. Cotton

6. Triple-thick paper

7. Smooth paper with Gold foil 


As shown on the listing, no substitutions, sorry.
Card designs included are subject to change without prior notice due to availability.
Samples are generic and cannot be customized.

Orders from USA only!


If you are interested to see ANY of our pre-designed or previously custom designed cards or sets, we can run an Individual Card Sample Set that will include 1, 3 or 4 cards from the same set or different sets.


These sample orders are only coming on 5x7" paper, therefore the info card and the RSVP cards would be printed on the same size paper as the invitation with a light border where the actual size would go - 5.5 x 4".


A Sample Set must be printed on the same paper type. Select one from Linen, Pearl, 100% Recycled, Cotton, Art or Felt.


Different paper stocks produce different tones from exactly the same color of ink: the grade, grain surface, thickness and color of paper used will affect the color of the ink. Example: you purchased the sample pack and decided to order the New Orleans invitation on Cotton paper.

The sample is printed on 10% Recycled paper. You will see a slight difference in color between the two cards although we used the same ink color.

Please note that texture is not showing on the digital proofs and as the proofs are not actual photographs of your final product, therefore a slight difference is expected due to the paper stock


Also, digital proofs you receive during the proofing process are digital files and not actual photographs of your final product, therefore a slight difference is expected due to the fact that the final product is an item printed on paper stock.

Also, monitors display colors differently and please be aware there will be a difference between what you see on the monitor and what you see on the paper. This is due to your monitor’s color settings being slightly different than that of the designer as well as the printer’s machinery. Your monitor uses a completely different system for displaying colors (RGB) to what is used in the print business CMYK or Pantone. colors may vary depending on your monitor’s brightness, contrast and color adjustment settings. 

A la Carte Paperie cannot be responsible for variances in final printed colors.

Paper Options


The rich, natural texture of linen is ideally captured in this paper. Its subtle embossed linen pattern finish is perfect when you need to evoke an elegant style or prestigious feel to your invitations. 


  • Weight is 130# Cover/350 GSM.

  • Contains 50% recycled content.

  • Acid free and archival.

Available in double thickness ($1 extra/ card)



Natural minerals and organic pigments give this paper a spectacular pearl-like sheen.

The paper shimmers in the light and has a beautiful soft sparkle and metallic on both sides.

Weight is 130#

Cover/350 GSM

Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, 


Available in double thickness ($1 extra/ card)



Premium paper - 40 cents extra/flat card or 80 cents / folded card

Manufactured from 100% pure cotton, this paper has a sumptuous, elegant look and feel.


Weight is 118# 

Cover/320 GSM

It is tree free, archival, acid-free, recyclable, biodegradable and elemental chlorine free.

Available in double thickness ($1 extra/ card)



Manufactured from 100% post consumer waste with a smooth matte finish.


Weight is 130#

Cover/324 GSM

Biodegradable, recyclable, and acid-free

Forest Stewardship Council certified paper

Available in double thickness ($1 extra/ card)



US orders only.

Thick and matte also very elegant, this paper has a luxurious and smooth finish.


Weight is 130#

Cover/352 GSM

It is archival, acid-free, elemental chlorine free

Made of 30% recycled content

Forest Stewardship Council certified paper

Available in double thickness ($1 extra/ card)


Double-thick paper US orders only.

Extra $1.00/ card

  • This upgrade doubles the thickness of your cards.

  • Available with square corners only.


Available for Linen, Pearl, 100% Recycled, Felt, and Cotton papers.

TRIPLE-thick papeR or MUSEUM BOARD US orders only.

Extra $2.50/ card

  • This upgrade triples the thickness of your cards, 48 pt.

  • With this option, we can insert a color sheet for the middle layer

  • Accent color options:

Finishing Options US orders only.

UV can be applied to some of your papers (Felt will remain matte) or to special Cover paper (will become shiny) to protect the paper against scratches, tears, and fingerprints and also enhance the brilliance of the ink colors. 

Recommended for direct mail postcards.


The coating is applied as a secondary step in the production process once printing is complete as a thin layer on the surface of the printed piece. This liquid is then cured through exposure to high-intensity UV light. 

During the process, the coating follows the contour of toners on the page some areas will have a higher degree of shine.

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 12.07.22 PM.png


All our papers meet the US and international requirements for postcards (thickness and size). 

We also offer envelopes for RSVP and Save the Date cards if you are concerned about damage occurring during shipping. 

The post office uses a massive printing machine to print barcode markings on all postcards, therefore we design our cards following the regulations of the US and international postal services: a blank space at the bottom on the back of the postcards is left for these barcodes. This coding process, also the sorting and delivery might damage the cards.

Please note that we cannot be responsible for damage to items by the Post Office or their agents. 


Tipp: Ask the post office to hand cancel your stamps 

You can also your local postal office to stamp the postcards by hand rather than sending them through their machine-operated sorting system (which marks the envelope and postcards with thick lines in the top right corner and may damage the envelope and postcards in the process) ask them to “hand cancel” your postcards/invitations. This means that they’ll use a special ink stamp to mark your invitation and they’ll sort it by hand, reducing the risk of damage. While some post offices refuse to do this, most are flexible.

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