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Complimentary Customization Options

A minimum order of 25 of each item is required.

We accept orders in increments of 5 for US orders and 25 for international orders.



When submitting your order, please ensure that the wording be exactly how you want it to appear on your design starting from top to bottom.


Front Panel (were your wording goes):

We can customize the wording of your card(s) the way you want it by keeping the same amount of rows that the template, plus 1-5 extra lines are complimentary.


Please enter your unique wording in the "YOUR DESIGN, WORDING & CUSTOM REQUESTS" section of the Order Form.


Please do NOT use UPPERCASE throughout the text, rather use capitalization only when grammatically correct (pronoun, proper nouns, etc.).


We will do our best to accommodate your wording choice.

Please keep in mind that adding significantly more text is not recommended to preserve the legibility of your text and the integrity of the design. 


Back Panel: 

Cards are printed with matching backing as shown on the template.

• Add US$50 - to switch one backing with another available in our store.

Add US$80

* Bilingual invitations where we use the backing for the second language

* Adding Accommodation/ Direction info on the back of your Invitation.


Browse our invitation wording guide here.


All our cards are printed on white card stock. The background colors you see on our designs are actually printed directly onto the white stock as part of the overall design. This allows you to customize all the colors used in your design, without relying on limited the color options of colored paper stock.


Therefore, we do not have a color chart, as any color is available to you, at no additional charge for the


1. background (some textures background will have limited color variations)

2. fonts

3. simple graphics (such as banners, swirls)


Do you need a specific color?

Please send an inspiration board, and we would be happy to have a color match.



Please note that only one set of color combination is included.

If you have more than one color combination in mind and not sure which one to choose, or if you want to change the colors after a first proof is sent, we can make a new color variation as per your instructions for an additional $50 per color combo.

Also, we need specific instructions on how to use the colors: which color is used for background (this will be the dominant color) and which color/s is/are used for accents.

The color change fee will also occur if you changing the colors inside your color palette once a first proof was sent following your instruction.


(We do not recommend using more than 2-3 colors, plus white and black).

Chargable Customization Options


Please see our Font selection here.



 Are you ready to order? Please fill out this Order Form!

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